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A bit about ourselves

The company was founded in 1932 by George and Nellie Herd. In 1946 their eldest son Peter Herd joined the business opening a bakery and a shop in Wilmslow. 1958 saw another shop opening in Heald Green and further expansion was seen in 1968 when the bakery was moved to Handforth with the addition of another shop. The company was registered as a limited company in 1972 and became Paddock Bakeries Ltd trading as Peter herd of Wilmslow.

The company is still very much a family run firm and we are now into its 5th generation. Peter Herds aim for producing “Fresh Fresh Fresh” food has continued and the tradition for using only the finest, freshest ingredients continues producing over 200 lines from scratch daily in our bakery.

Over the years Peter herd has remained successful due to its continued investment back into the business including highly efficient modern machinery and competent hard working staff. The combination is explosive and is why as a small family business we remain competitive producing only the highest standard of products that are always Fresh Fresh Fresh !!!


“Family run and proud!”