Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a catalogue of photographs and other styles?

All our cakes are designed to suit your requirements – bespoke! We have albums in our store that show a number of styles, however we continually evolve introducing new and seasonal designs which are available to view at  our store in Wilmslow. Our website also acts as an introduction  to our style and services.

How much is an average 3 tier wedding cake?

The price of our wedding cakes are hard to quote on due to the wide range of styles we provide. From novelty to traditional, contemporary to stacked, tiered with glass balls to even 8 tiers the options are endless and therefore prices are according to the design. We are more than happy to give you a quote on any design you may see or wish to provide us with either by coming to visit us or emailing you design ideas.

Do you do chocolate sponge or is rich fruit cake your only flavour?

Yes we do provide a number of sponge options including – plain sponge, chocolate sponge, raspberry, or carrot cake. These alternatives can be mixed with the choice of having fruit cake so you can choose which tiers you would like in your choice of fillings.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

It is best to get your day booked with us. Here you place a small deposit to book your day. The final design elements don’t need to be set until around 4 weeks before the big day, unless you have decided upon you design.

I am getting married outside of this area do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver. We work with a courier service who deliver nation wide for our company. Delivery charges apply and are based on area postcodes. However if you wish to pick up your own cake, then this is also possible.

Should I be keeping the top tier for a christening cake?

Keeping the top tier of your wedding cake for your children’s christening is today not the norm- for many reasons. Firstly women careers are in many cases as important as the mans.
Leaving the gap between getting married and having a baby is larger than it used to be. Also today there are so many fantastic christening cakes you can get not only in rich fruit cake but in the flavoured sponges which are very popular. Ideas include large 3d babies to tumbling teddies, even individual muffins stacked with the babies name on or foot prints etc. the options are endless!

Would you be willing to use fresh flowers on our wedding cake?

Yes we would be willing to use fresh flowers. A lot of brides want flowers to replicate their flowers in their bouquets as part of their design. We work very closely with our own local florist who is familiar with the production of our wedding cakes.

I would like our cake to be used as our dessert can we have anything other than fruit or sponge cake?

There are a number of options available if you don’t wish to have fruit or sponge cake.
These include the croquembouche tower of profiteroles, Italian tortes socked in liquors, decorated cheesecakes, large vanilla slices………etc

I like the idea of having a 5 tier cake but don’t need that quantity of cake. Are there any options?

Yes  we can help. First of all, all our larger cakes can be reduced in size if you like the design  but require a smaller cake. Secondly if you wish to have a large tiered cake then this also can be done using polysterine options mixed with the tiers you need in edible fillings. For example 3 tiers could be in chocolate sponge and the other 2 tiers could be in polysterine to create the wow factor you are looking for. Enquire in store for further information and other alternatives.

What is a grooms cake?

A grooms cake comes from a very old tradition. The cakes are often novelty and depicts the personality of the groom and can be a second cake that you have at you wedding such as at the evening function.
Alternatively a popular choice is a small cake that can be presented to the groom from the bride as a surprise gift.

I would like favours for the ladies to tie in with my cake design can you help?

There are a number off  favours that we can create for you. Individual muffins, cakes, shortbread hearts or discs with your guests names on. Ginger bread shapes decorated to your specification, flavoured chocolates. All of which can be sealed with choice of ribbon to match in with your theme.

Do you provide cake stands?

Yes we do provide cake stands. Gold or silver square or round. These are a fifty refundable deposit. However it is worth asking at your venue if they have one.

Can you match up colours and can you copy some detail of my dress onto our cake?

We can match up colours as near as possible. In terms of replicating design work off your dress etc. This can be done as long as we have a picture of your style.
In the past bead and wire work have been used to match in with the brides jewellery and drapes or line work have been used to copy the unusual neck line or pattern of a dress.

Do you do other kinds of special event cakes?

We cover the full spectrum of celebratory cakes. Birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, holy communions, graduations and cooperate events are naming only a few.  It’s a great pleasure to be part of clients celebrations throughout the years.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes we do.

We have around 30 buffet clients where you order buffets on a daily basis and we deliver.

We also supply around 40 wholesalers from sandwich shops, garden centres, cafes, pubs, delis, restaurants to name a few. Please call the office to discuss a new wholesale enquiry.

Do you do buffets on a Sunday?

As a general rule we do buffets from Monday-Saturday. However depending on the event and location this could be looked at. Please call the Handforth branch and ask for the buffet department to discuss.

What is your policy regarding Allergies?

We follow the Allergens procedure that all food businesses have to follow, but we also like to inform our customers that the Bakery is not segregated so even if a product for example doesn’t contain nuts, it might have come into contact with nuts in the air etc – with this in mind if you have a food allergy we can inform you on the ingredients but we advise you not to shop with us. As a consumer you have been fully informed to make your own decision.